We made a series of short films documenting some of the voices we encountered during the pilot study in 2016. Each one deals with a different aspect of the findings.


This video introduces the Manchester Voices project, summarising the research that has been done so far and thanking participants and partners for their input and involvement.

‘Greater Manchester’ and other terms

This video deals with notions of place and belonging, and the ways in which we label and discuss local boroughs and larger regions, such as Greater Manchester.

Places and people

This video includes clips of participants discussing their local communities and the other boroughs of Greater Manchester, as well as describing the places and people within them.

Accent and dialect

This video shows clips of participants describing their accents and dialects and giving examples of local and regional words, phrases, grammar and pronunciations.

Identity and perception

In this video, participants share their thoughts on the links between the way they speak and who they are, along with how they think they are perceived by others based on the way they speak. It deals with the issues of pride and stigma surrounding regional accents and dialects.