Academic articles

  • Drummond, Rob; Dann, Holly; Tasker, Sarah & Durkacz Ryan. In press 2022.. ‘The Manchester Voices Accent Van: taking sociolinguistic data collection on the road.
  • Dann, Holly; Durkacz Ryan, Sadie & Drummond, Rob. 2022. ‘Social Meaning in Archival Interaction: A mixed-methods analysis of variation in rhoticity and past tense BE in Oldham’ English Language and Linguistics. doi.org/10.1017/S1360674322000119
  • Durkacz Ryan, Sadie; Dann, Holly & Drummond, Rob. 2022. ‘Really this girl ought to be going to something better: Rhoticity, gender and education in oral history data from Oldham’ Language in Society. doi.org/10.1017/S0047404522000215


Drummond, Rob; Dann, Holly; Tasker, Sarah & Durkacz Ryan, Sadie. 2022. Manchester Voices. Manchester Central Library.

Online resource

Dann, Holly; Drummond, Rob; & Tasker, Sarah. 2022. Visualising the Manchester Voices Corpus. Version 1.2.2. URL: https://manchestervoices.shinyapps.io/vowels